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Dallas Park Cities Eagle Transmission will help you keep your vehicle running at its peak performance!  Regular maintenance and check-ups will ensure long life from the vehicle you depend on day in, and day out.  Here are a few things you should do to optimize your investment. 

  • Check your brakes - Whether the problem is obvious (like screeching coming from your wheels) or not so obvious (like old brake fluid) the key here is be aware of how your brakes act.  Sometimes it is not easy to recognize a problem because the performance has deteriorated over time.  Safety can be an issue if problems are not corrected quickly.  Have your brakes checks as soon as you sense an issue.


  • Change your filters - All vehicles use multiple filters.  These are put in place by the manufacturer to prolong the life of the component they protect.  All filters need to be changed or cleaned on a regular basis.  Some are easy to change while some are more difficult.  Follow manufacturers recommendations for change intervals.


  • Replace suspension components - Over time all suspension parts wear out.  Shocks and struts are the most commonly replaced items but also be aware of components such as bushings and joints.  The suspension of your vehicle is a complicated union of numerous parts.  Failure within any one of these items could cause significant damage or loss of control of the vehicle.  Replace parts before they wear out and cause safety concerns.


  • Check your fluids - The fluids within a vehicle can be viewed as the life blood.  As these fluids deteriorate they can stop doing their job of properly lubricating components and cause premature part failure.  This holds true for any fluid your vehicle uses such as motor oil, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and transmission fluid, to name a few.  Regularly check fluid levels and replace as required.

 Maintaining your vehicle is easy when you leave it to the professionals.  At Dallas Park Cities Eagle Transmission we can perform any type of service or repair your vehicle may need.  Call today and keep your investment rolling. 214-352-2200 As always, Eagle Transmission is "The One to Trust!"


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